Pride - describes how we feel about Cosmedica

July 6, 2016

Trapeze and Cosmedica have been working together for almost ten years – and both our industries have been through lots of change during these times. Ten years ago, would any of our clients have associated themselves with Pride Week as Cosmedica is doing this year? We think not.

So in spite of the recent tragedy in Orlando we also see how the world is changing for the better — and we are proud of our client for not keeping a relevant target audience to their business in the closet. We hope you like our Pride campaign for Cosmedica which features a digital marketing promo, web landing page, and brand TSAs embracing the LGBT audience and collective ‘pride of appearance’! A shout out also to our friends at @Victory Media for collaborating with us to execute the social media component.

Happy Pride celebrations friends, clients and colleagues.