The 'Art' of Marketing

Trapeze has been working with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for over ten years. We’ve seen the Gallery through a lot of change but one thing remains constant – and that is the great relationships we have built with this client and the respect we have for their work.

Trapeze has touched many facets of the Gallery over time – their visual identity for one, their website, key brand advertising and fundraising campaigns and annual exhibition marketing. We work very much as an extension of the Gallery’s marketing staff.

Over the past four years, Trapeze has helped the Gallery significantly increase attendance and membership and reach key fundraising goals through an annual appeal campaign.

WE ARE VERY respectful in our approach to the visual language of working on such an “artistic” account – and have developed a very clean look to the majority of our work, allowing the art to speak for itself.

These samples will let you see how Trapeze has helped develop a tone of voice for the Gallery – one that is accessible and in some cases, a tone that breaks down barriers to cultivating interests in art and the Gallery.

BLACK ICE was an exhibition that was branded and marketed by Trapeze. It featured the beautiful work of renowned Canadian artist David Blackwood.

WE ALSO HANDLE member communications in the form of a quarterly ‘Gallery Guide’. Bright and colourful with a complete three-month calendar for upcoming events and exhibitions.

"Working with the team at Trapeze has been great, they feel like part of our staff. The results we see in increased membership, attendance and fundraising revenues is evidence of their proficiency in marketing and advertising. Part of their secret is to really understand their clients and to translate that clearly to the public."

~ Jon Tupper, Director, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria