Breathing new life into a burial park.

Not everyone would think that the opportunity to re-brand a burial park is exciting stuff. But we do. And we did.


Think about it — is there a life event or an industry, other than healthcare, that touches each and every one of us so personally in our lifetimes? And haven’t we all seen the dreary funeral industry marketing, you know, with the ornate type and patronizing vibe?

Our body of work for Royal Oak Burial Park has been extremely comprehensive and involved a complete A-Z brand and marketing overhaul.

Creative Approach

ROBP suffered from the tired brand and imagery that many funeral service industry providers suffer from.  Our first goal was to breath life into the brand and to showcase the beautiful 135-acre grounds (and facilities) that provide a breathtaking and welcoming setting for customers. The next step was to give ROBP a defined brand strategy and focus.

Royal Oak Burial Park Collage

The new visual identity uses an uplifting, outstretched tree symbolizing the tree of life and the celebratory nature of honouring someone’s life. It is a joyous symbol with a simple strong font and a new, heartfelt tagline supporting the nature of ROBP as “A beautiful place to remember”.

Once the identity was completed, Trapeze developed the entire brand toolkit, which included a new website, new website content and an integrated advertising campaign.

Elements included: 

Royal Oak Business CardsBrand Strategy
Visual Identity & Tagline
Annual Marketing Plan
Website Design & Development
Site and Facility Photography
Multi-Media Advertising Campaign
Sales Collateral

Campaign Strategy

ROBP holds a very unique position on Vancouver Island — as they are the only not-for-profit burial park in the region. As such, our recommendation was to focus key marketing messages on their not-for-profit status as a point of differentiation — and as a strategy to counter fears that consumers have about being taking advantage of financially in their time of woe. 

In an age when many people are opting for cremation and choosing to hold celebrations of life outside the domain of professional funeral or burial service providers, it is very important to make the case for integrity, helpful, comprehensive services and good information about options for saying goodbye to a loved one. ROBP’s not-for-profit status seemed like the perfect gift in this regard, as it positions them as having no self-interest in making a sale. 

Royal Oak Burial Park Ad: Managing StressRoyal Oak Burial Park Ad: Blood Pressure

ROBP Bus Headliner

Royal Oak Green Burial Ad: Lessen Footprint

We focused secondary marketing messages around the comprehensive services of ROBP; including their “first in Canada” green burial service, on-site cremation, mausoleum and other unique features of the park.

To date, the ROBP rebrand and marketing campaign has received extremely positive feedback. 

"Trapeze has done amazing work for us. Tasked with modernizing our public image and creating a fresh approach to marketing a cemetery is no easy request. The results achieved through Trapeze’s work, and the public reaction to what they have done for us, has been overwhelmingly positive." - Stephen Olson, Executive Director