Bringing yummy packaged goods to your freezer

DeeBee’s Special Teas and TeaPops have been a true success from the ground up for our client and for the agency. Local “Mompreneur” (and PhD in Medical Science), Dionne Baker was frustrated that she couldn’t find truly healthy frozen treats for her children at the grocery store.

So she started in her kitchen, using tea as base for creating healthy, naturally sweetened, non-GMO fruit-based ice pops for her kids. What evolved was DeeBee’s SpecialTea Foods and “TeaPops” – two brands (parent and products) founded by Dionne and developed by Trapeze to help Dionne bring her products to market.

Product development took place over an 18-month period, during which time, we tasted (such tough work) many versions of the TeaPops as Dionne carefully refined her products and we put the wheels in place with respect to branding, package design and marketing.

As you can see, the package design we created for TeaPops is all about popping off the shelf and bringing the essence and quality of organic tea and fruit to the fore. The packaging has received much design recognition within the food packaging industry. 

Five flavours are currently available and DeeBee’s has signed distribution agreements with Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmer Markets in the United States, Thrifty Foods here in BC and many other specialty and independent grocers across Canada.

Package design is a highly specialized discipline and our work on TeaPops has received a great deal of positive recognition from retailers. Recently, the packaging was designated as one of the 30 outstanding package designs (among thousands) by Expo West. DeeBee’s products have also been featured on Good Morning America, in the Wall Street Journal and in numerous local and national media outlets.

"Trapeze has absolutely blown us away with their talent, creativity, innovative approach, and their ability to jump to task at a moments notice! We have launched our company across North America and within days of presenting our material to buyers from around the globe we were chosen as one of the top packaging out of hundreds of thousands of products. Thank you to the incredible team at Trapeze!"

- Dionne Laslo-Baker, Founder, DeeBee’s SpecialTea Foods