Discover the ocean. Understand the planet.

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) operates world-leading ocean observatories consisting of cabled networks along the deep ocean floor, just off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The observatories collect data on physical, chemical, biological and geological aspects of the ocean environment, supporting scientific research on complex earth processes.

Trapeze was retained by ONC to rebrand the organization and its business units. Our goal was to have the parent brand (Ocean Networks Canada) reclaim ownership of its well-known cabled networks, called Neptune and Venus. Over time, the cabled networks had muddied brand recognition, creating confusion around the role and full scope of Ocean Networks Canada.

By creating a visual identity and brand architecture system for ONC’s business units (Science, Innovation and Learning), we were able to put ONC at the forefront and provide consistent visual language for each unit.

THIS WAS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT for ONC as they moved forward in seeking on-going scientific and operational funding.

Beyond visual identity design, we created a new tagline for the organization, “Discover the ocean. Understand the planet”. We also provided ONC with comprehensive graphic standards and various templates for communication materials and web development.

"The Trapeze team provided the insight and focus that allowed us to work together to define our organization’s unique global position with a clear and appealing branding approach."

- Kate Moran, President & CEO, Ocean Networks Canada