Talkin' about Downtown.

The challenge behind this advertising campaign for the Downtown Victoria Business Association was to take a limited budget and do enough with it so that we could start and change the conversation about our downtown.

DVBA - Very Colourful - Bike Parking

Our approach was to create multiple “posters”, a TV campaign and a social media campaign using simple phrases that expressed everything that is unique about our downtown. The idea was to saturate downtown with easy to produce messages – on telephone poles, parking meters, transit shelters and bus kings.

THE REAL STRATEGY WAS to remind Victorian’s just how great we have it. And to remind people of the things that separate the downtown retail experience from a shopping mall experience. Hence, posters that read, “I love that I can talk to real live store owners” among other statements, were highly strategic.

DVBA - Very Colourful - Big Box

DVBA - Very Colourful - Seagulls

DVBA - Very Colourful - Shop Owners

The TV component of the campaign focused on downtown retailers, restaurateurs and other well-know “personalities”, endorsing the unique experiences of downtown, (not just their own businesses) in a light-hearted way. We created six, 15-second TV spots in all.

The social media campaign encouraged Greater Victoria residents to write their own statements about downtown and winning entries were made into campaign posters and published.

The result of the campaign was that it generated a lot of buzz and participation, extremely positive feedback for the DVBA, and it truly did start and change conversations about our downtown and re-instill pride in what we have in our downtown (after years of taking a beating for issues relating to street people, empty storefronts and parking).

"Richard, Val, Art and the rest of the Trapeze team have provided excellent service to the DVBA including a new Downtown Victoria brand, mobile friendly website, and numerous seasonal campaigns. We really appreciate their collaborative approach, expert guidance, and creative solutions in uniting the elements of our brand and helping us to position and promote all that is Downtown Victoria!"

- Ken Kelly, Executive Director, Downtown Victoria Business Association