Mystic Market at UVic. The ultimate retail branding assignment.

Branding heaven? Bringing an an entire suite of food services to life, in true west coast style. 

We were delighted to win an assignment to brand a new $7 million food services complex at the University of Victoria. Brought fully to life past year, ‘Mystic Market” breaks new ground in campus dining, as a zero waste food facility featuring 8 unique food stations and a “General Store” – each with a focus on locally grown sustainable foods.

Initial drawings for Mystic Market at UVic

Trapeze was invited in at the design and planning phase of the facility and worked closely with UVic’s project team in developing not only the overarching Mystic Market name and visual identity, but the names and visual identities of all the food stations.

The vision for the project was the creation of a west coast inspired campus dining experience. 

inspired by nature

Within a university environment, Mystic Market is more than food stations – it is a gathering place, connected by a boardwalk and cozy conversation zones featuring living walls, interior waterfalls, fireplaces and digital campus information boards. The vision for the food services was the creation of multiple food experiences, including all day breakfasts, juice bar, noodle boxes, pizza, and vegetarian offerings.

Inspiration for Mystic Market at UVic

Creating the brand

We were inspired to name the facility Mystic Market after one of the University’s most beloved natural features, the beautiful ‘Mystic Vale.’ For the logo, we created a west coast inspired visual identity that captured the unique boardwalk that threads all of the food stations together.

Each of the food stations were then given their own unique name and visual identity, for example, “Tofino’s” for the pizzeria and “Basecamp” for the breakfast station.

Various brands created for Mystic Market including Basecamp, Tofino's Pizza, Flamin' Good Grill, Chopbox Noodle Bar, Treks, Boardwalk Cafe, Vegout, The General Store, and Berries

 Trapeze was also involved in signage design and implementation and collaborated with the project architects to bring the brand together with the design of the space itself.

Signage applications for various kiosks in Mystic Market