Account Manager

October 24, 2019

You drive the bus, make it happen, keep it moving. You’re a communicator. Setting and killing goals autonomously is your M.O. You can think on the spot and offer solutions to problems, you can contribute ideas, you can write effective client communications and proposals. You can also keep track of numbers, dates and people, often all at once. You’ve worked on websites and print and digital campaigns. You know what a site map is and why it’s such an important first step. You understand the difference between a display ad and a social ad. You love this stuff. Enough to work on it 5-days a week.

Your job:

  • Take the brief, task the job, see it through, control scopes and budgets
  • Communicate, with everyone, at all times
  • Contribute ideas, look for new trends, be a team player
  • Meet with people, impress them, recognize opportunities and seize them
  • Use Basecamp, Time Fox, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Servers to keep track of all your stuff
  • Write, share ideas, make presentations, use your voice
  • Use your previous experience in an agency or similar environment (i.e. app) to take us to new heights

Contact us at: [email protected]